Precision Agriculture Services


We will put each of your fields into software and can use the boundaries to create management zones, prescriptions, and much more! You have the option of showing us your fields on a map, giving us paper copies of your maps, or you can also give us .SHP files to upload into our system. We are then able to use this information for a number of other services that we offer, such as creating variable rate fertilizer prescriptions based on soil analysis. We are also able to analyze each field for soil type. If you have any questions about the capabilities of the software we use, please contact us so that we can further clarify and better meet your needs.

VR Fertilizer/Litter/Manure/Lime Prescriptions

Using your boundaries, along with soil data or management zone information, we can create variable rate prescriptions for common or custom fertilizers and blends, chicken litter, manure, or lime applications. Prescriptions can then be exported for almost any monitor imaginable, such as Case IH, John Deere, Trimble, AgLeader and many others. When used in conjunction with grid sampling, variable rate is a good way to save money and make money – by only applying nutrients where they are needed and reducing rates where nutrients are sufficient. Not only is variable rate a smart way to use your money, it is also a recommended practice by 4R advocates.


Encirca® Services

We are also proud Encirca certified service agents. With Encirca® services, you can manage your data, create prescriptions, monitor the weather and your nitrogen levels, and view satellite imagery. At Cultivating Innovation, our team can offer consultations and season-long software support! You can find more information about this platform here.

VR Seeding Prescriptions

Variable rate seeding prescriptions are another way to use inputs in a smart way. By increasing rates where they are needed and reducing them where they are not, you can put your best foot forth on every acre. We can use software to create variable rate seeding prescriptions to be used in your planter. These prescriptions can be exported for use with any monitor and planter combination that has the ability to load such prescriptions.


For pricing information, please contact us!