Can Encirca® services make your farm more 4R-friendly?

Sometimes farming can seem like a never-ending challenge. From low crop prices to increased consumer interest in environmentally-friendly farming practices, making decisions for your operation without breaking the bank seems almost impossible. However, with increasing technological capabilities in the precision ag sector, making these decisions can be easier – and increase your return-on-investment (ROI). Encirca® services offers farmers the tools to get the job done – in a 4R-friendly way.

Nutrient stewardship is becoming increasingly more important as water quality issues such as the toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie and other bodies of water pop up around the country. 4R is a concept that aims to increase production and farmer profitability, while also enhancing environmental protection and improving sustainability (Source: The 4R’s of nutrient stewardship are: Right Fertilizer Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place. Tools, such as Nitrogen Management by Encirca® services, have given growers the power to run multiple scenarios on their field before the season, create real-time fertilizer decisions based on N-level monitoring, and even provide recommendations on application timing.

Variable rate technology (VRT) also plays a key role in 4R stewardship. Being able to place more fertilizer where it is needed and less where it isn’t not only saves the farmer money, but also is more 4R-friendly and can increase your ROI. With Encirca® services you can create Decision Zones based on soil classifications, historical yield data, and field-level weather information – AND create VRT prescriptions for your choice of fertilizer product based on these zones. From our experiences here at Cultivating Innovation, we have seen VRT increase farmers’ ROI time and time again over straight rate applications of fertilizer.

We know that no one cares about the land as much as you, the farmer! Let us help you care for your land and protect your ROI – contact us today!

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